2015-02-08 (Su) Color/Touch + Sound

The sparkfun tutorial helped again by showing how to use the autorouter for adding small parts. The method was to reduce the Routing Grid from 50mils to 25mils in the Autorouter setup. The tutorial recommended routing manually since the autorouter produces erratic lines as opposed to neat ordered lines and logical component progression which can be accomplished with manual routing. This did not seem important enough to spend the time on so no manual routing was done.

A printable circuit board

  1. Create circuit board
    1. Measure configuration and position of angle bracket holes
    2. Route board traces
  2. Order parts list
  3. Print circuit board at home
  4. Install components 
  5. Test + Verify
  6. Print PCB professionally
  7. Make all documentation public
  8. Upload correct board layout to public PCB manufacturer

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