2015-02-14 (Sa) ESPeri.Impass

The first printed cap was labeled with a numeric 1. A second cap was printed to have a larger node diameter but was printed identical to the first since the model was not first rendered in OpenSCAD before exporting to .stl. Another cap was printed with a larger diameter node but it was still loose in the tube. This was labeled with a numeric 3. Another cap was printed which fit with only a tiny bit of slop in the tube. This was labeled with a numeric 4. The screw hole size was also adjusted from version to version and by the last model a suitable size was found.
Numbered caps. 2, 3, and 4 printed today

Cap 3 fit neatly inside a piece of clear 1/4" ID tubing. This clear tubing was used to test the effectiveness of the spinner at different orientations. Before video recording the spinner only operated when the bead was below the magnet and resting on the tip of the steel screw. During video recording the opposite orientation worked and the compass only spun when the magnet and bead were hanging from the steel screw. This suggests further testing will be necessary however this also shows the compass is capable of operating in either orientation.

The spinner is resting on top of the screw tip

The spinner is hanging from the screw tip

To test the ability of the compass's ability to suspend the spinner after being jarred the tube was held shut with and unaugmented hand and shaken. By opening the lid to show there was no spinner attached and shaking up to a quick stop then revealing the attached spinner the video proved the compass can reattach after falling.

Demonstrating with one hand was difficult.  But this hand has no magnets

To do:
  • Resize components
  • Reprint
  • Test with a steel bolt in place of the screw
  • Build steel hanger for magnet
  • Test + Evaluate hanging tubular compass
  • Redesign, Rebuild, + Repeat

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