2015-03-01 (Su) Prismatic Stereoscopic Screen Viewer

The design was converted to an .stl file and printed without any modifications.

 Printed parts

Measurements were taken of the features. The two bolt holes were measured. The 1/4-20 camera adapter hole was measured at 4.59mm which should have been 5.00mm. This distance will probably be acceptable since it will be tapped and the tapping process should expand the hole to a usable diameter. The bolt hole meant for the dash cam was measured at 3.37mm while it was supposed to be 4.00mm. This measurement could be skewed by the small diameter and the caliper not fitting into the hole easily. The size should be expanded to avoid having to use a drill bit to widen it 0.5mm after printing.

Measurement of the camera adapter hole

Measurement of the dash cam bolt hole

The pieces were, trimmed, sanded with 400grit sandpaper, and filed with a square needle file. The printing remnants were removed as well as possible. The posts of the base would not fit into the grooves of the middle piece but instead bowed out. This should be fixed by moving the posts toward the outside of the pieces rather than shrinking them further.

 Reduction methods used on pieces

Ill fitting pieces

To do:
  • Print part
  • Redesign posts to align with outer wall
  • Expand dash cam bolt holes
  • Reprint design
  • Tap 1/4-20 holes
  • Test
  • Design part to attach to screen and hold prisms
  • Add lenses to prisms

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