2015-03-06 (F) Weekly Summary

The camera adapter for the Prismatic Stereoscopic Screen Viewer was completed. Finally. This will hopefully be the most complicated piece of the project. The next part is attaching the prisms to the dash cam. After that it should be a usable stereoscopic viewer but my plan is to attach it to head mount so it can be worn like military night vision goggles. For a lot less money of course.

Model of 3D pieces

Printed 3D pieces which fit nicely onto the dash cam

I jumped back to the Color/Touch + Sound for a day because I had a toy piano from eBay and some screwdrivers. Naturally I tore that apart to figure out how it worked. The purpose of wrecking this toy was to try to source a cheaper way of adding sound. The recordable chips are neat because any sound can be added but they're expensive and each of them needs to be recorded one at a time.

Toy piano in two pieces

Important parts of the piano

Finally I got into marking up a couple shirts with the word CYBORG. At Mars Con there was a transhumanist panel which I had the honor of speaking on. My main focus was sensory expansion and grinding. Topics such as immortality and the singularity came up but those aren't my area of expertise so I listened. I demonstrated my magnetic fingers and NFC implant. I enjoy speaking in public and the crowd was full of pretty cool people. Maybe a cyborg at a sci-fi convention is a good combo.

My CYBORG tshirt

My CYBORG hoodie

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