2015-03-08 (Su) 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

Three pieces were modeled after the sketches using only estimated measurements. Since the parts were made to accommodate the variables it should be relatively easy to change the dimensions. This means that the parts were designed by making the dimensions dependent on only a few variables and calculating the remaining dimensions from those variables. For example, if the part in question were a circle with a hole in it I may calculate the size of the inner hole to be exactly half the radius so no matter what size I change the large circle to be it will scale the inner hole to the same proportion.

The first part made was called the key since it resembled one. The sizes were all estimated and will likely have to be altered. This part was meant to attach to a servo horn through the two holes in the right side. A tea bag string will rest on the nub protruding from the end and the rest of the string will be wound around the cleat in the middle.

"Key" portion of design

The second part was the base. This was meant to clip to the coffee mug or tea cup. The picture shoes the part upside down. The short rounded stalk was designed to go inside the cup and hopefully not touch the tea.The two bolt holes have been sunk so the bolt heads would not make contact with the cup. This could cause the device to not sit level or scratch the cup.

Base portion of design

The final part of the device was the platform. This was meant to hold the servo motor which raises and lowers the tea bag. The spacing and sizes for this part were taken from internet resources of small 9gram servo motors. These parts are inexpensive and stocked at the apartment.

Platform portion of design

All pieces arranged for printing

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