2015-03-07 (Sa) 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

Some days I am scatterbrained. I leave my keys under the bed covers. There's dry cat food in the refrigerator. Why is there toilet paper in the office? And I left the oven on.

Cold tea is one thing, that can be microwaved without a problem, but black tea that has steeped too long becomes bitter. Usually overnight is too long to steep. Tea making is a repeatable process so automating parts of it should be relatively easy. I've decided that rather than use a clever hack or a stand-by-the-side design I would make something that would clip to the side of a tea cup or mug and provide an over-engineered solution. Mostly though, this is a conversation piece. "What's that on the side of your mug?" "That? Oh that's my automated tea brewing apparatus. Because tea."

My intention is for this to be a quick build but I predict it will be another drawn out project that fights me at every turn. I guess time and my 3D printer will tell.

Enough background.

The design was split into three parts.This was done for a couple reasons. Firstly, modular parts can be used with other projects. Secondly the parts will be divided up so they can print more easily. The first part was a "key" which will attach to a servo motor horn and move the tea bag. The second part was a base which will rest over the edge of a cup. This piece is different from all the other designs which rely on the cup being near a stationary device. The final piece will act as an interface between the base and the servo. No measurements were added, the sketches were made to act as references for the 3D modeling.

 "Key" portion of the project

Base portion of the project

Interface plate portion of the project

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