2015-03-10 (Tu) 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

Two pages of notes were scribbled for brainstorming how the programming will be done for the tea maker. The original intention was to make a timer adjustable from one to ten minutes which would be set by a potentiometer attached to an analog input.

First page of notes

While brainstorming the idea occurred to use discrete inputs to scroll through different tea settings with the name of the tea. A chart of tea steeping times was found. The chart thankfully used whole minutes as the time increment. After deliberation it was decided, for now, to use the potentiometer as the method of setting the time. As different times are chosen by the potentiometer different tea names would appear on the screen. This allowed for any time to be set from one to seven minutes in fifteen second increments but still show tea names.

Second page of notes

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