2015-03-04 (W) CYBORG Shirt

An upcoming social event is going to have a panel discussion about transhumanism. I may not be the only person there with implants. It struck me as desirable to have a shirt with the word "CYBORG" across the front in a machine readable font.

Finding a shirt printer was not difficult but the transhumanist discussion was four days away and the printing and shipping time for the shirts was longer than that. Advice from Jennifer Domeier was to use latex spray paint. The first attempt used fabric spray paint and paper letters. A section of a stretched shirt was blocked off with tape and cardboard then sprayed with a lot of fabric spray paint. The result was faint and faded quickly.

First attempt at spraying a shirt

The second attempt was mostly to test the recommended paint. The letters C-Y-B-O-R-G were printed on a 3D printer.
  1. Download desired font
  2. Write word in Inkscape
  3. Convert text to path
  4. Export .svg file from Inkscape
  5. Import .svg file with 123D Design
  6. Extrude a couple millimeters
  7. Export .stl file
  8. Print .stl file

Letters in 123D Design

 Letters resized to 181%

 Letters used to block off paint

Resulting letters
Resulting shirt

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2015-03-03 (Tu)