2015-03-19 (Th) 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

The enclosure was modified to include a hole in the side of the top to allow a power cord to pass through. The hole was made by adding a circle and extending it with a cube so there would be no material hanging in free space. This will make it simple to insert a round wire.
Power hole

The program Fritzing was downloaded since it is commonly seen with Arduino projects for documenting the breadboard process. The software is free and open-source. The schematic layout for Fritzing was intuitive but lacked the library size found in Eagle CAD. Since the power will go directly to the Vcc and GND there will be no need to modify the servo connections since it will reside on the power terminals. A circuit board will not be produced for this project but one was generated by Fritzing to experiment with the feature.

 Schematic made in Fritzing

Circuit board made in Fritzing

To do:
  • Debug code
    • Reduce jitter in timing 
    • Slow down tea lifting
    • Add time during shaking
    • Turn off LED when not in use 
  • Hardware
    • Make power supply go to servo power
    • Add 5-6V power in
  • Make code public
  • Design enclosure
    • Power
  • Print enclosure
  • Draw schematic

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