2015-03-21 (Sa) 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker

The code was revised to fix some issues and polish the operation. The screen LED now dims after three minutes. This was done by setting a long integer to the current timer plus three minutes, whenever that integer was reached the screen would dim over the course of approximately two and a half seconds. No inputs would be recognized during this time. The screen comes on immediately when an input is seen.

Before, the servo would bring the tea bag up as quickly as possible which created a situation where the submerged tea bag would splash or try to pull the mechanism into the cup. This was slowed down by moving in tiny increments and delaying between each one. The routine where the servo shakes off the tea bag was not changed.

The initial beep was shorted from 300mS to 200mS but repeated after the initial screen message of
Created by 24Eng
     Brian McEvoy
Using a double beep for start up seems appropriate.

The most updated code files were put into a Dropbox directory and made public. These copies were given concise names and will be update as appropriate so the most current versions will always be available through the link.

Possible Improvements for a second version:
  • Cover for servo motor
  • Tea string slides over a bar to dunk rather than lifting bag directly
    • Fishing rod style
    • Lift straight up
    • Easier to position
    • Servo arm length doesn't determine bag position
    • Uses a smaller cleat
  • Rounded end of platform piece
  • Spring-loaded posts for firmer mug holding
  • Screen says "Complete" after steeping
  • Dips tea slowly
  • Clip for stringless tea bags
  • Use discrete buttons and retentive memory registers
  • Use standard size Arduino and screen/button shield and retentive memory registers
  • Expand size of button hole
  • Expand size of potentiometer hole
  • Extend screen hole by 2mm in the vertical direction
  • Lower screen bolt holes by 1mm

Files for 3D Printed Automatic Tea Maker:

To do:
  • Debug code
    • Reduce jitter in timing 
    • Slow down tea lifting
    • Add time during shaking
    • Turn off LED when not in use 
  • Make code public
  • Print enclosure
  • Buy long #4-40 bolts and nuts
  • Assemble
  • Make list of possible improvements for a second version
  • Make parts list
  • Make Instructable

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