2015-03-25 (W) Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor

The model was improved to include walls, a back cover, and a power cord hole which will probably be replaced with a port which will pass a coaxial power connector. The back cover was embellished with my symbol. The back cover also has four pyramidal posts which are meant to mate with the walls to ensure a tight fit. These posts may have to be moved in slightly to account for the error in printing.

All the work to the model so far has been compiled as an animation to better visualize the process. This animation was constructed by rendering images in OpenSCAD when any significant step was taken. The images were animated by importing them and exporting the layers as an animated gif. There are 300mS between each frame with a 5000mS delay on the last frame.

Animation of enclosure progress

 To do:
  • Design method of holding the enclosure together neatly
  • Design mount for servo which uses screws instead of bolts
  • Design way for servo cam to push on user without rubbing
  • Model enclosure

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