2015-04-02 (Th) Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor

Code changes were made to reflect the way the pins were soldered during the physical construction of the device. The next project will be a new model of this device which would operate similar to a project called "Bottlenose" by Grindhouse Wetware. The premise for Bottlenose was a distance sensor which gave feedback via an electromagnet that could vibrate a magnetic implant. Code for the electromagnet was added but will remain inactive unless pin 5 is held LOW. In this way the same code can be used for either device and updates will not have to be made in two places.

Arduino code

A schematic was sketched showing the necessary pins for the project. None of the parts for the future electromagnet were shown on this schematic. Pin 5 will be held HIGH by the program so by leaving the pin unpopulated the device will operate with a servo by default.

Self contained haptic distance sensor schematic

Files for Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor:

To do:
  • Design way for servo cam to push on user without rubbing
  • Change program to reflect soldered pins
  • Draw electrical schematic 
  • Add data pins for programming
  • Refine design
  • Print new design
  • Test device
  • Take rotating photo of device 
  • Write instructions
  • Propose project for TCP for workshop

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