2015-03-31 (Tu) Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor

Right angle pins were removed from the ultrasonic distance sensor since they will not fit in the enclosure. Four straight pins replaced the right angle pins so the sensor could fit into the bottom of the enclosure however the pins were taller than the enclosure so they were removed and replaced with wires directly soldered to the Arduino Mini Pro. The Arduino and sensor fit together with the component side of the Arduino touching the component side of the sensor.

Ultrasonic sensor with header pins removed

Straight header pins on sensor which fits in bottom of enclosure

Straight header pins which are taller than the enclosure

Component sides of boards lying together

Wires were salvaged from old phone cable for soldering the sensor to the Arduino. Wires were cut to length, stripped, and tinned before being soldered in place. The telephone wire sheathing was trimmed but not removed from the servo wires. Sheathing was kept to bundle the wires neatly. Straight header pins were soldered to the ends of the cable to connect with the servo terminals. Black electrical tape was put over the sensor's components to insulate it from the controller board. The reset switch was removed from the controller board to increase the clearance.

 Soldered boards and insulating tape

Removing the controller's reset switch

A print was made of the revised enclosure but no print was made for the servo horn cam. A servo motor was attached to the newly printed lid. One servo was able to attach by sliding the wires to one side but other servo motors were not able to be attached due to the position of the wires. The lid was attached with 10-24 bolts and nuts but a metric equivalent would work. The distance sensor was not bolted in place with 1.6mm bolts since the purchased bolts are not long enough. The assembled unit was scrutinized and a list of improvements was made. The current enclosure would be usable but not ideal.

Printing software showing the enclosure

 Servo screwed onto lid

Assembled unit
Assembled unit

Files for Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor:

To do:
  • Design way for servo cam to push on user without rubbing
  • Change program to reflect soldered pins
  • Add data pins for programming
  • Print enclosure
  • Test for usability
  • Refine design
  • Test device
  • Take rotating photo of device 
  • Write instructions
  • Propose project for TCP for workshop

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