2016-03-09 (W) TWO Years of blogging!

It has been TWO full years!

There are well over 730 posts because I used to post more than once per day. Now, I try to keep that to a minimum and group them logically so it is easier to read. I write the date differently than when I first started. 2016-03-10 (Th). I tried writing something before each post about my life or ambitions or something but I ran out of things to say every single day and I don’t want to overshare. I’ve started scheduling my posts days in advance so they appear at the same time every day even if I don’t share them on G+ immediately. Those are just the major changes.

In two years of daily writing I’ve become more confident in my writing skills although I’m aware I still change tense frequently and sometime I change perspective. These aren’t good form but they are improving and I’m not about to go back and change over 700 posts.

So far this has been a grand journey. My own ability to slack off and binge watch Netflix has been severely curtailed by the responsibility I feel to this blog. I have met people I wouldn’t otherwise know and their work, whether it is for a class, recreation or professional work, reminds me that putting my voice into the data slurry of the internet adds a flavor that some people seem to like.

A few projects have been featured on sites like Hack-A-Day and Instructables.com. Maybe someday I’ll work for a company like that and my daily hacking will earn some money instead of it going the other way. As of right now I’ve made less than 10USD through advertising on this site so I won’t be quitting my day job just yet.

When I started this blog I engineered for a great company that made labeling machines, but, like a hot date, we didn’t have enough in common and went our separate ways. After that I worked for a company that made band saws. I loved the engineering crowd there, and still talk with them, but the company doing its best impression of the Titanic. Now I engineer for a company that specializes in waste water treatment and I’m testing my skills daily.

Two years ago I started this blog with some expectations.
I expected to make no money. True.
I expected to miss days frequently. False.
I expected to get an occasional comment. True.
I expected no one to bother making an effort to contact me. False.

I have been pleasantly surprised by turning my work upon the work. Thank you, everyone.