2014-08-08 (F) Arduino Powered Tattoo Machine Controller

A different tap was procured. A tap handle was selected instead of an electric drill. The #43 hole cut previously was fully tapped. A macro shot was taken to show the clean tap threads and the broken tap in the first hole. The dashpot was secured by tightening a nut over a lock washer onto the armature bar. The electrical, which is usually attached to the front binding post and contact screw, was connected to the chassis via a stainless steel bolt holding the new bracket. The tattoo machine was connected to the tattoo machine controller. The system was activated at a range of frequencies but no good movement was seen. The magnets were operating but insufficiently to to pull the armature bar. A replacement armature bar was ordered.

 Armature bar, #4-40 tap, tap handle

Tapping armature bar

Fully tapped armature bar

#4-40 threads

Attaching dashpot to armature bar

Assembled tattoo machine with dashpot

Reconnected electrical

Tatto machine controller

Tattoo machine controller with tattoo machine and pedal

Testing tattoo machine with dashpot

Running tattoo machine against box to prove movement

To do:

  • Test again with a larger 12VDC power supply
  • Reprogram for duty cycle control

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