2014-09-14 (Su) Charged: DesertIrish

The group arrived at the Unnamed Cafe and took seats while uncharged people were there. Dawson spaced out thinking of how to arm a flying ship without military weaponry. Shana shared a little about her family which Dawson ignored. Jason shared his name and mentioned his sister. The owner of the cafe listened to the group describe the theft of the ship and learned that they were about to become outlaws. He cryptically mentioned he plotted rebellion in a cafe in another country forty years ago and designed part of his cafe around the cafe where he plotted long ago. Jason surmised he was referring the French protests of May 1968 and said some words in French. The waiter respond in kind and brought them French bread and seasoned olive oil. Dawson expressed his concern over weaponry.

To do:
  • Show how Shana knew Motor and Heather were a new couple
  • Reduce overuse of the word "power"
Total word count: 2 702 + 60 228 + 83 897 = 146 827 words

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