2015-06-07 (Su) Miscellaneous 3D Printed Step Pulley COMPLETED

During the Wind Generator Test Base a pulley was needed to transfer power from the spinning turbines to a small pulley on a permanent magnet motor acting as a generator. The first pulley generated was too large. No power could be generated because the friction and inertia of the generator could not be overcome. Smaller pulleys were easily rendered and printed but a more versatile solution was desirable so a step pulley program was written. The program allowed different factors to be modified such as the diameter, change in diameter, thickness, and number of steps. These factors were animated and combined into an image shown below. Links to the OpenSCAD files are also given below.

OpenSCAD file for step pulley - StepPulley.scad
OpenSCAD file for pulley which supports above file pulley.scad

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