2016-06-02 (Th) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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Nearly all the editing for the first episode was done in a single sitting. Garageband for Mac was used. More complex and robust editors were available as open-source freeware but Garageband was selected because it was already on my computer, reasonably priced, stable, and user friendly. Next on the list would have been Audacity since it is free, runs on Mac, Linux and Windows, and has more features. Too many features I can be intimidating and the complexity didn’t warrant such a feature-packed program.

Steps for editing will be described ambiguously so they could apply to any editor.

Audio tracks for both hosts, Tim Shank and myself, were recorded on our local computers without compression. Uncompressed audio is most commonly a .wav file. These .wav files were added as separate tracks in the audio editor. Each track was aligned so the audio was synchronized the same as the actual conversation. As the conversation played out relevant clips were trimmed from the recordings and placed on a third track which would become the final cut. Audio was carefully trimmed to avoid unnecessary noise and lag.

While recording we took care to make each sentence intelligible and if there was any stuttering the sentence would be repeated from the beginning so it could be cleanly extracted. A couple times this didn’t happen and sentences had to be pieced together from two or three clips.

There were roughly thirty minutes of phone conversation which was purified through the above process to become fifteen minutes of podcast-worthy material. The whole process took two hours of intense concentration which exhausted me. Before the final editing touches were added the file was compressed to mp3 and sent to the executive board members of TC+ for criticism and suggestions.

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Final edits for the first episode will include:
  • Suggestions from board members
  • Intro/outro music
  • Alternate lead-in recorded after the show to mention TC+
  • Correction of the date to June 4th, 2016

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