2015-04-14 (Tu) Cyborg Distance Sensor

Schematics were drawn for both parts of the project. The ultrasonic distance sensor and controller will be inside the 3D printed enclosure the same as the Self Contained Haptic Distance Sensor. The servo will not be a factor and incoming power will come into the BAT+ terminal so the onboard 150mA voltage regulator can utilize the 12-15VDC battery power.

Schematic for distance sensor and controller

A second schematic was drawn for the components which will provide power and stimulate the magnet. After drawing the schematic it seemed logical to rework the relay so power applied to the coil will alternate polarity rather than simply having power cut. This should provide a more noticeable sensation but will draw twice the power. Since a more complicated relay will be used the maximum frequency of the relay may become a factor. This can be found through testing.

Schematic for battery supply, relay, and coil

To do:
  • Draw schematics
  • Redesign "Power + Stimulation" schematic diagram
  • Buy parts:
    • Reed relay
    • 8 or 10 AAA battery holder
  • Solder project
  • Program
  • Test + Debug
  • Make files public
  • Write instructions

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