2015-06-29 (M) Automated Aerator and Laser Show for Domestic House Pets

Mirrors were purchased.

Detailed pictures were taken of the deconstruction of the relays since the coils could become common parts. The process was simple but an incorrect move could damage a coil beyond use so meticulous steps seemed logical. Wear safety glasses.

Side cutting pliers were used to cut through the plastic at one edge of the blue plastic. Once the plastic was cut through it could be easily pulled away from the black base which caused the brittle blue plastic to break away. Careful prying at the plastic released it from the base on all sides so the blue cover could be removed entirely. All parts of the blue case were discarded.

 Two relays to be deconstructed

Cutting the plastic at one edge

Prying at the edge cause the plastic to separate

Blue case removed

There were two short sides of the relay. One end had three pins while the opposite end had two pins. On the end with two pins the side cutting pliers were used to trim away the plastic which held the two pins one at a time. Care must be taken to not cut any wires from the coil. Between the two remaining pins a single pin can be removed by prying up on the copper strip in the middle of the edge. Ordinary pinch pliers should be used since the thin copper can cause cuts. Side cutting pliers can be used to trim away the unnecessary plastic from the relay.

 One of two pins removed

Both pins removed

All unnecessary pins removed and trimmed

Rotating view of finished coil

To Do:
  • Buy mirror
  • Design structure and explain
  • Deconstruct relays
  • Build structure 
  • Write instructions
    • Make a linkable parts list
    • Draw schematic 

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2015-06-29 (M)