2015-07-04 (Sa) Magnetic Implant Magic Box IMPROVEMENT

Demonstrations with the Magnetic Implant Magic Box went over well. In the party room run by TwinCities+ visitors were given a small neodymium magnet and medical tape and asked to tape the magnet to their fingers. On the table was an electrical coil hooked up to alternating current and the magic box. People reported being able to feel the difference in the fields in ways they didn't imagine before. Only one demonstration was done where someone switched the magnets without my knowledge and asked me to predict the selection. I did answer correctly.

To make the magic box work well a metal plate was installed under the magnet sockets and grooves were cut so someone could easily slide the magnets out of the sockets without trying to lift them straight out. Grooves were cut with an 18tpi saw blade.

Friday during CONvergence I was on a panel for adding electronics to costumes and was generally an introduction to electronics and what exists. Attendees were were interested and had lots of questions. Some reported never having attempted an electrical circuit while others had more advanced questions about automation and part selection. It was a very good experience.

 Panorama of the electronics panel from the front table

Panorama of the pavilion at CONvergence

Shameless selfie at the pavilion

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