2015-07-28 (Tu) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Four copies of yesterday's model were printed. Two colors of filament were used because the first cartridge ran out. Metric hardware was purchased for the first unit which tested well so long  hardware was purchased to go through each of the holes to act as a common axle.

Four printed parts

Pieces held together with common axle

Another view of common axle

Measurements for the pieces were based on a standard keyboard. Key sizes and spacing were measured on a standard bluetooth keyboard so it would feel natural. The angle given to the lever arms, shown below hanging off a table edge, was arbitrary and will likely change. Button function worked well so long as the backs of the assemblies were held stationary, like the table edge. The common axle was difficult to attach sine numerous locknuts had to be installed, the model will need to be updated.

Pieces were operational

Key size and spacing compared to a standard keyboard

To do:
  • Revise model and reprint
  • Add electronics
  • Figure a way to mount
  • Figure a way to move hinge pieces
  • Make model and OpenSCAD code public
  • Write keyboard code

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