2015-09-13 (Su) Wrist Mounted Chording Keyboard

Yesterday's pencil sketch was touched up with colored pens for clarity. A rectangular box will hold the electronics, including a battery which will make it entirely wireless when used with only Bluetooth. Square buttons will mount on each side. Four finger side buttons will be spaced to standard keyboard spacing distance while the three thumb buttons will be mounted next to each other.

Pen sketch of enclosure with attached buttons

Modeling used the previously designed parametric enclosure but added buttons and removed material so button wire could pass through. No optimizing was done to accommodate the holes so printing material will have to print with supports. Switches will be mounted by gluing them to the enclosure. Standard 12mmx12mm tactile switches with caps should fit if the leads are bent inward or folded.

Rotating view of keyboard enclosure

Downloadable Files:
To do:
  • Wrist mount
    • Add limit switch mounts
    • Lengthen servo arms
    • Integrate:
      • Controller
      • High precision potentiometers for tuning servos
      • Servos
      • Enclosure for each controller
      • Limit switches
      • Activation switch
    • Debug 
    • Test
    • Refine
    • Repeat
    • Activation switch
  • Write instructions
    • Compress and link to all files
      • OpenSCAD files
      • STL models
      • Arduino code 
    • Make diagram with everything labeled 
    • Schematic for servo controller

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