2015-12-26 (Sa) ESPeri.Impass

A full set of components were printed. Two bases were printed. One of the bases had a hollow shaft which was meant to house a long brass screw. The sharp metal tip of the screw should have provided a pivot point with less friction. Unfortunately the screw split the fragile post. A bare screw wouldn't work in this case due to the specialized. A base which needed no additional parts was printed and had low enough friction between the post and spinner to allow easy rotation.

Full set of printed components

Spinner, with magnets, spinning freely on the printed base

Mounting bolt holes were printed too close to the hub and offered no clearance between the spinner and the bolts used to hold the lid in place. Clearances for the magnets was also too low so the magnets would not fit into the pockets printed for them. During modeling it was noticed that one of the tolerances was being added when it should have been subtracting. This error was corrected so the next print will have some of the problems fixed.

Newest spinner on right next to a base with widened bolt holes

To do:
  • Optional:
      • Add compass rose to spinner
    • Make handheld haptic compass
    • Make compass work from pocket or necklace
    • Miniaturize

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