2016-03-02 (W) Cyborg Heart Rate Sensor

Stock code for the heart rate sensor had to be modified for use with and ATtiny85 board. There was no option for serial communication with the boards and memory was limited so the serial code was removed. The pin numbers all changed since an UNO used pins 0 and 1 for data while the ATtiny85 used pins 3 and 4 for data. These changes were all done from experience with different Arduino boards but the stock code was helpful enough to include enough information to change the interrupt timer from timer 2 to timer 1. ATtiny85 controllers only have one timer.

Once the program compiled and downloaded it was tested with a small USB battery and worked well. The onboard LED flashed with my heartbeats when a fingertip was held to the sensor. The unit also worked on any exposed skin such as forearms and legs. This is hugely beneficial since a pulse doesn't have to be taken from specific areas such as the neck or wrist. Taking a pulse reading from any exposed skin also adds the benefit of avoiding potential contamination if a subject has bodily fluids at the normal pulse checking locations.

Animation showing the onboard LED flashing

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