2016-04-01 (F) Weekly Summary

For the first time in too long a project was completed. The Drip Coffee Maker flowed smoothly from step to step. Stain was applied. A dark, very dark, stain was chosen to give the look of a rich antique. A single coat was applied according to the stain directions. Gloves were worn this time since the last time I used stain it made my hands a definite color for several days.

Stain applied to wooden platforms

When the stain was dry and set a coat of polyurethane was applied. Polyurethane acts to protect the project by becoming a coating of hard plastic. Since this project can be subjected to food it should be well protected. Polyurethane also adds a bright shine. A satin finish was chosen.

 First coat of polyurethane

The second coat of polyurethane smoothed out many of the grooves in the wood and while the polyurethane was still wet the shine was very smooth. The two pictures, above and below, show a marked difference between the first and second coat. In the first coat the polyurethane has a rougher look, possibly due to the brush used and partially the wood surface underneath. For the second picture, below, the polyurethane was applied with a sponge brush over the first coat and looked how I wanted it to look.

 Second coating of polyurethane

Finishing touches were put on the coffee maker such as brass corners and brass finishing washer. The assembly was simple since all the parts were previously measured and cut exactly for this project.

Finishing washers and brass corners on lower platform

Rotational pictures were taken to give an impression of the coffee maker with the Chemed unit below. After assembly the project was given to my girlfriend for her birthday. We made coffee and it was wonderful tasting and she thought it was a lovely piece.

Writing resumed on Charged: DesertIrish. It had been several months since I had written anything aside from journal entries. Writing fiction is vastly different from this. Even the weekly summaries are written in a different style than the daily journals and while it is more casual it is still not as fun as writing fiction. I don't remember if I have mentioned any fiction in the summaries, so, assuming I have never said anything before, it is important to realize that this story has been developed over a long time and I've picked up where I left off. 

Fortunately for anyone who hasn't read any of the story I have decided to promote the story by pausing forward work to revise the first section of the story. The first part can be read as a stand-alone story, with some hinting at what's next, but it concludes nicely. Files linked in the journal entries are always current so links in earlier posts will still link to the latest revisions and most complete files.

If you've seen these entries but you haven't wanted to start a story that hasn't seen any revising, it's not easy, there will be some more refined versions of the story soon.


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