2016-04-15 (F) Weekly Summary

I’ve done amateur videos in the past and they’ve looked amateur. Considering the time and money I spent they looked pretty good. So far the same seems to be true with the audio recording. I am not a professional and I do not have professional equipment. But, a lot of care is being taken with the recording and some equipment is better than simply speaking into a phone microphone and making a voice recording.

Editing the audio has been infinitely easier than video. Bandcamp for Mac was initially chosen since it was loaded on my most accessible computer. It has proven to be a solid choice with more than enough options for an amateur like me and an intuitive interface not seen on more flexible systems. This would not be a good choice for someone who wanted complete control over a project.

Chapter one was recorded in a day and was only five minutes long. This turned out to be a perfect start since a lot of time was spent setting up equipment and getting used to the software.

Chapter two was much longer at thirty three minutes but more representative of the typical chapter. The second chapter had only three characters and each of them was given a unique voice. Please keep in mind that I don’t have any training as an actor or voice actor. My goal was to make something similar to what I’ve heard in audio books but I have to teach myself how to do that. Experience will be my teacher. Until then, I will erase many takes until it is not awful.

Chapter three took two days but was more of the same. In the time between starting chapter three and finishing a small enclosure was constructed to block and dampen sound. The enclosure, SCIENCE FORT, as I like to call it, was a shelving unit with soft fabric draped over the sides and top. The idea was to make walls that would not reflect sound easily. Also, it looks hilarious.


The week wrapped up with the recording of chapter four. By that point I was in the swing of things and it was an easy chapter to record. There is only one more chapter in the first part of the book, chapter five.

Recording turned out to be a great way to find and make edits. Some obvious problems snuck through previous edits but while reading out loud they were easy to find. This type of editing will likely continue past the first part since it is effective and should allow people to read and listen to the story as it gets cleaned up.

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