2016-04-29 (F) Weekly Summary

Recording space is important. If it’s a little uncomfortable that’s probably all right but when it is so bad that recording becomes undesirable then something needs to change. Anyone who follows the day-to-day blogs could tell that a change was necessary and inevitable.

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to inconvenient situations. There are those who complain about a situation and those who do something. Maybe the fix is to alter a procedure. If your shoe squeaks when you tap the toe you might roll your foot differently while you walk. Another person might cut/glue the shoe to stop the squeak. Those are the people I hope are reading my blog. The people who just buy another pair of shoes or whine about their broken shoes probably don’t bother coming here.

Recording on chapter eight took two days to finish. This could have been done in a single session but it was too easy to break and too hard to resume recording.

Chapter nine recording was started but the cramped closet finally got the best of me. I spent a day at the hack space cutting and drilling a custom shelf for the closet. It only had to be large enough to fit a computer, mouse and keyboard. Inexpensive shelving planks were purchased because I needed several other shelves for my place. This custom shelf had to span the entire length of the closet but not block all of it. The basic idea was a shelf on a couple risers, one of the risers was narrow and could reach the far side of the closet.

Shelf parts

Constructed shelf from the bottom

Shelf in closet

Computer set up in recording space

The closet was put back together and looked great, it was easy to get into and out of, there was room to crouch and drop things. A light was added and I realized that should have been done days ago because it added so much comfort to the room. This time gamble should pay off quickly.

A day was spent listening to the audio continuously. This listening was done without distraction while on a walk, a nice way to listen to an audiobook. There were some corrections to be made, which are being kept on a list, but what struck me was that I enjoyed the story. I obviously knew it by heart but listening to it in a single sitting was very enjoyable and I was glad that I spent 60+ minutes listening without distraction.

There was no trouble finishing chapter nine. The upgrades to the recording space and renewed enthusiasm for the story made recording fun and exciting again. Chapter nine took only one day to record, which isn’t a feat but will hopefully be the start of a trend.


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