2016-05-07 (Sa) IOT Hack Day May 2016

I attended another HackDay, held at Leonardo's Basement, as a teammate to Angeliki Beyko. Her latest creation was a ChoreBot which allowed users, child and parent, to input the good and naughty behaviors over the course of a day. ChoreBot would accept good behaviors and smile a green smiley face or a display a red frowny face when naughty behaviors were recorded. Depending a weighting system decided upon by the parent the child would accumulate a running score and at the end of the week the point total would determine if the child deserved a reward.

The interface was simply two large arcade buttons. One would select a behavior on the screen and one would confirm the selection. The prototype was built from corrugated shipping boxes which were coated in tinfoil.

Only the programming for the happy/frowny face was done beforehand. ChoreBot was intended to be a humanoid robot with arcade buttons on the lap, a seven inch video screen in the abdomen and two Colorduinos for the face. And don't forget Slinkys for arms.

Unfortunately the project was far from completed after a grueling twelve hour day punctuated only with meal breaks and about a dozen trips to the bathroom. I was trying to hydrate because of a persistent headache. Angeliki spearheaded the presentations and WE WON! We were honestly surprised but I think that our presentation style of showing people how much fun we had really helped tip the scales in our favor. I won an Electric Imp kit.

Angeliki testing the facial expressions

Pano shot of our area, please click to see the full size

Pano shot of the whole event, please click to see the full size

Presentation area. ChoreBot hardly looks like a robot

Teammate Kim assembling the bot

Me typing on a comically small keyboard

Michael helping debug. He wasn't even on our team but he was a great help

Kim typing on a proper keyboard

 A happy ChoreBot face next to the RasPi brain

Me standing next to the presentation ChoreBot who put on a big smile for the camera

Our team, from the left, me, Angeliki and Kim

First time here?

Completed projects from year 1.
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2016-05-07 (Sa)