2016-06-30 (Th) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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When audio is released for our podcast it should sound like a fluid conversation between two people which lasts ten to twenty minutes. If only Tim and I were so glib. In truth the recording sessions are usually at least thirty minutes and have to be edited down to get rid of parts where we’re not speaking or gathering our thoughts. I’m particularly guilty of hearing a question then waiting while I slowly form an answer in my head.

The next most important thing to edit out is when we misspeak. A podcast wouldn’t be much fun to listen to if the participants said the same thing two or three times to word it just right. Well, we totally do that then I edit out the unusable parts leaving the listener with a single iteration of each sentence.

Lastly, Tim and I can talk at length about this sort of thing, obviously, and sometime we say more than necessary. So I try to cut out the unnecessary parts to leave only an interesting show. My philosophy about podcasts and literature is that it should be like a skirt: long enough to cover everything and short enough to be interesting.

Recording our podcast should also sound like Tim and I are sitting next to one another for a casual conversation. In fact we are several miles apart with completely different recording setups. We connect through Teamspeak 3 for a reliable voice link on a server I host but each side of our conversation is recorded separately. Since we each keep a track of our own voice there are two separate tracks with one voice each. These have to be synchronized then cut up. This part takes the longest even though Garageband makes it pretty simple. This took a couple hours but there is still some editing to be done before the episode is released.

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