2016-07-11 (M) Binaural Recording Microphone

Up to this point there hasn’t been much serious thought about how to attach the components together. The original thought was to attach the ears together with PVC pipes and the microphones would be held in place with tape wound around them. After looking at the components this didn’t seem like a good idea. The parts were turned around and picked at. Fortunately the small guard on top of the microphone came off to reveal the element inside.

Microphones with cap removed

To connect the ears and microphones a line of plastic glue was run around the rim of the microphone housing. The housing was pressed to the backsides of the ears and held until the glue could hold the microphones in place then allowed to dry for a few hours.

Glue on rim of microphone

Glue held well and the units effectively became ear-shaped microphones. More contemplation was necessary to figure out how to attach everything.

Microphones glued to ears

Many ideas were brainstormed including attaching everything to aluminum bar stock since aluminum can be tapped in order to attach to a tripod. Another idea was to reclaim a piece of rigid plastic and glue or use screws to attach everything. Ultimately the idea was to print another piece which would provide all the necessary mounting points. The base should be able to mount on a tripod, hold a cell phone or tablet with appropriate adapter, and hold the ear-shaped microphones. The sound card may be held to the bottom of the device with hook and loop fasteners.

Diagram of microphone holding apparatus

Walking through and outdoor restaurant (1:43)
Walking around a lake (35:13)
Dropping things (0:37)
Knock on wood (0:02)

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