2016-07-03 (Su) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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When I draw it’s usually technical drawings, just look through some of my old posts. When I try to draw something living, like a person or a cat, I am rarely pleased with the result. Since high school I’ve simply said, “I can’t draw,” and of course I’m referring to drawing things from memory or portraits because I can sketch a circuit schematic pretty clearly. This podcast needed some cover art and stealing images from the web just didn’t have the look I wanted. So I commissioned a piece of artwork from an indie comic artist who’s part of the Super! team.

Let’s just say that after I saw the finished piece, which he lettered for free, I tipped 20%.

I’d like to bring up something that I’ve heard repeated a few times in the past but it’s kind of hard to get the point across without seeming rude. ARTISTS DESERVE TO GET PAID. More often than that I hear people saying things like, “Draw this for free and we’ll promote you,” and I said that myself. Now I know better. I’m saying this because I’m not an artist, not like Zack who drew the logo, so I can be rude. If you disagree try going to a car dealership and saying, “Give me a free car and I’ll put the dealership’s name on the side. Think of all that free advertising I’ll give you.”

With that said, 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone will continue to be free. Maybe someday it will generate profit and pay for the microphones or implants but right now Tim and I do this because we love it. Artists like Zack will get paid because they deserve it. And hopefully you’ll enjoy the podcast.

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