2016-07-14 (Th) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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Recording for episode four was done. This time the subject was artificial intelligence but I’m not as up to date on AI as I could be. Instead I took the role of someone who knows what appears in mainstream media rather than any kind of expert. The show should exemplify the limits of what I know. In the recording I went as far as to reference XKCD.

Early listeners’ still cite that our delivery comes off as wooden. Understandably so. This episode was done with less research and since AI is a tricky subject we were forced to think on our feet more. Some of the delivery is still stuffy but hopefully less. Our introduction and exit phrases are still scripted since those should be carefully worded and repeated exactly from one show to another.

Tim had built a microphone dampening box from carpet which did wonders for reducing the noise on his end. One problem in episode three was the sudden jump in noise when Tim started speaking. This should go away.

We didn’t focus on so much factual information this episode which was intentional to draw out opinions. This podcast was not meant to be a current event podcast because current events quickly become old. This was meant to act as a way to share opinions of people thinking about the world. In the first minutes of the podcast we acknowledge that AI is a moving target and we haven’t nailed it down yet. Once editing is done this will be published.

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