2016-07-23 (Sa) Sleep Hacking Presentation

Months ago Tim of Twin Cities Plus asked me what we could do to draw more people into the community. He jokingly said that short of giving people money there's no sure-fire way to bring people. Time is the next best thing, some would say equal, to money. To give people more time and generally improve their lives we can improve their sleep hygiene.

I started a thread on biohack.me to get ideas of what other people were using, especially people unafraid to tinker with their bodies.

Sleep hacking seemed like a good choice for several reasons. It is a way to look at biohacking that isn't gruesome or dangerous but still provides room for more extreme measures like polyphasic sleep. Most Americans would benefit from better sleep hygiene. The hacks being mentioned are cheap or free and don't have any dangerous side effects. Everyone has tried different sleep tricks at some point so they should bring opinions and stories.

Silly drawing of a stick person sleeping

Since I volunteered the idea I volunteered to start the round table discussion with a short presentation. There were so many good, or at least interesting, hacks out there I decided I would give a cursory explanation of the most popular ones then open it up to discussion.

Seven categories were necessary to keep everything in a reasonable format.
  • Activity hacks
  • Natural supplement hacks
  • Chemical hacks
  • Non-night time supplement hacks
  • Mechanical hacks
  • Other hacks
  • Failed or untested
People could argue that the categories aren't strictly accurate but they keep the subcategories arranged logically in my head.

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