2016-09-02 (F) Weekly Summary

The last weekly summary was written almost a month ago. Halfway between this journal and that journal I took a vacation so I missed a summary. I only have one vacation picture of a bridge in Alaska. I'm rather fond of it.

Taken from a moving train. No filters or anything

Tim Shank, co-host of 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone took charge of publishing and promoting the podcast so those were not interrupted. Episodes six and seven were released.

Episode six was about additional senses. This was particularly interesting to me since the first project I ever completed on this blog was about giving myself the ability to detect the heat of an object without touching it. It was called the ESPeri.IRBud. I've never been good at naming things. We had no shortage of things to talk about.

Episode seven was about nootropics which was Tim's field of excellence. I served as the listener during this episode. If you were wondering how to get started in nootropics this will put your foot in the door. All current episodes, including the two mentioned, can be found at the show page or the link below.

Show page on Twin Cities Plus

I'm the handsome one

Writing on Charged: DesertIrish didn't stop for the vacation. In fact it was a great chance to relax and do some writing in unfamiliar areas which can be a great setting.

Two new characters were introduced and that hasn't happened in a long time. The new girls are integral to building the ship. One woman is capable of opening huge portals, which is a pretty broken ability, and the other is capable of expanding something in size by feeding off nearby material which is rather handy when building a steel ship in a junk yard.

The woman who can expand things was not necessary for the story to continue but she will speed things up rather than having extra chapters about ship building which could get tedious. I also tried something different with this character. Instead of being a blank slate she has a deep back story which was only mentioned off-handedly. She comes from extraordinary circumstances but they have not been full revealed. I kind of like when stories do that.

Behind the scenes some work has been done to create a world that happens a few years after Charged: DesertIrish wraps up. This has been mentioned previously but the world will be different by then and the story will have more excitement mixed in.

Check out this page for all the Charged: DesertIrish chapters.


A new project was started. Years ago, before I even lived in the Twin Cities, I attempted to build a theremin. It was somewhat of a catastrophe and I described the sound as the sound made by a firetruck fighting a brass trampoline. Since then I've improved my skills and I think I'm ready to give it another try. This time I'll be involving some visual artistry and integrating more off-the-shelf parts than usual.

My clockwork theremin is a first, I believe. Theremins are unique musical instruments because they have no moving parts and do not require contact to work. Mine won't need to be touched but it will have prominent moving parts. In fact, the moving parts will be the focus of the machine.

 Arrangement of gears

 Schematic showing parts to be integrated


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