2016-09-04 (Su) Clockwork Theremin

Code was written based on the pseudo code written previously. Functions were used more heavily than shown in the pseudo code but this was a more streamlined approach. There was going to be a routine for calibrating the potentiometers but that was broken into a series of steps. Breaking the sequence into steps made is possible to change a couple global variables without the need to change them directly from the function.

Originally the calibrate function would move the gears to center then all the way forward and all the way backward while recording the largest and smallest potentiometer values but getting two values from a function is more difficult so the steps were divided into functions like, moveMotorToMax and moveMotorToMin. It was simple to take a potentiometer reading once the motor had been moved.

Functions were written as purely modular so they do not rely on external variables and they return any pertinent variables rather than write them directly. In other words they are reusable without having to change them.

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