2016-11-05 (Sa) Clockwork Theremin

Attaching a motor is going to be a problem because it's always a task to attach motors. At least that's how it seems. Fortunately, the motor scheme for this project isn't complex. A gear will be attached to a motor, through friction, then the motor will drive an internal ring gear, already printed, which will be attached to a gear's shaft.

The motor was purchased awhile ago, it was a simple 12VDC motor from a local surplus store. It resembles something that would be used in a low or mid-range cordless power tool. The motor was connected to the 12VDC power supply chosen for this project. Wires were simply soldered to the motor for the time being.

 Connected motor

The exact properties of torque and speed could have been calculated by someone with mechanical engineering background but in this case, it was simply connected with a variety of gear sizes. It would also be possible to reprint the internal ring gear in a larger size if even more torque was necessary. Three ordinary, involute, gears were printed with different diameters but identical tooth pitch. The smallest was the only one capable of driving the gears but the first version was printed as a hollow gear so it will have to be reprinted as a solid piece. It was also possible to envision the mounting bracket while holding the motor and gears while they operated.

Parts list:

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2016-11-05 (Sa)