2017-02-14 (Tu) Head-Mounted Display

Temples with ear hooks were designed. Ear hooks were nothing more than a quarter of a ring. Since the edges were sharp right angles they will likely have to be sanded once the correct measurements are found. The temples were also shortened to account for the added length of the ear hooks.

Angles between the frame and temples were also changed but it is harder to see. A four-degree angle was taken from the face where the temple meets the frames. The angle of the screws also had to be changed. This angle will be adjustable for anyone with the code who may want the temples to press more firmly or lighter on the head.

Spinning model of temples with ear hooks

Once printed, the temples were attached to the frame. The four-degree angle was not readily noticeable and may be ineffective. A larger angle will probably be necessary.

Frames will ear hook temples

Measurements for the temple length and ear hooks were guesses all along so it was no surprise when the frames slid down. A stupid animation was made to show how far the glasses slid. Adjustments were measured by sketching pencil lines on my nose and measuring the difference. Fortunately, only one selfie made its way into this blog post.

Serious face in a silly animation

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