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Keeping a work flow is important so sometimes taking measurements has to wait until the end. In algebra I remember hating that letters replaced numbers and all of a sudden the skills I learned for numbers didn't do much good. Now, I am happy to replace actual numbers with variables and see the whole project flow with only a handful of numerals.

Of course, without accurate measurements the project couldn't actually relate to real life so calipers were used to take measurements of the objects which would go into the project. All the parts were stocked because of the previous attempts at laser tag.

Measured parts

Despite accurate measurements an entry-level 3D printer won't produce totally accurate parts. None of the items which were supposed to pass through the printed plate would fit. These holes can be drilled or they can be reprinted with slightly larger holes. In some cases it would work to simply scale the whole drawing up a few percent but this would ruin the alignment for some of the things like the accessory rail and handle.

The small holes lined up perfectly

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