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Building everything around a PVC pipe had been avoided in the past because attaching something, like a switch or a handle, to a round pipe is not simple and rarely elegant. Fortunately, small 3D-printed models can provide that kind of custom interface. Unlike a fully 3D-printed tagger, these small models can be printed on a printer which may have a very small printing area.

Another lesson learned from the previous days was to model everything as though it was part of the finished unit. This permitted a finished view and ensured things would fit together as hoped.

All the vital parts were modeled with the exception of the emitter end. In the rotating model, there is one end where the semi-transparent tube is simply empty. A design for this piece needs to be created since the last model has problems with printing the emitter tube.

Rotating view of models
Transparent – Purchased 2" PVC pipe
Yellow Green – Player-facing buttstock
Orange – Handle adapter (and fender washer adapter inside)
Blue – Trigger switch adapter
Purple – Reload button adapter
Dark green – Accessory rail riser
Gray – Purchased accessory rails or steel bars

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