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PVC was purchased and cut into three segments. Only two were cut to the desired length while the third was shorter than desired. Fortunately, the printed parts can be moved accordingly and the tagger will simply have shorter dimensions.

Lengths of PVC

Drilling small holes in PVC can be simple especially when the exact placement isn't vital. Drilling large holes with a spade bit or a Forstner bit shouldn't be attempted since the plastic has a high chance of shattering and potentially causing harm. Twist drill bits, the standard for small holes, work fine. Some of the holes were drille without a problem and the 3D-printed pieces fit as hoped.

Switch adapter next to the holed drilled for it

Placing the trigger close to the handle was an easy feat whereas it required measurements and after-the-fact adjustments in the fully 3D-printed model. Screws were inserted to keep the trigger adapter in place but the handle adapter relied on the central bolt connected to the fender washer and internal adapter which cannot be seen in the picture.

Hand and trigger mounted to PVC

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