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A wonderful thing about 3D printing is being able to see how parts interact in the real world before producing a lot of them. This is true with many computer repeatable disciplines like laser engraving and CNC cutting. Despite designing the project around a 3D modeled pipe once the pieces were actually touching the real world pipe it was clear the sleeve that went inside the pipe was too short. It needed a screw to hold everything in place, which is fine, but it is poor planning to place a screw where there is insufficient material to hold it.

Other changes were made to the model like shortening the PVC pipe and thickening the plates of the handle adapter and reload button adapter. These plates held perfectly in the model but they left a gap which simply looked poor. Part of the elegance of 3D printing the adapters was that they were supposed to look like they were made for this, which they were. This also helped to hide the screws holding the adapters to the pipe.

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