2017-03-19 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Since programming will likely be done by someone else it may become important to change the I/O pins used by the hardware. For this reason, the Pi0 will be mounted on the outside of the tagger until the I/O points are successfully programmed. A platform for mounting the Pi0 was modeled and featured a square hole which didn't have any benefit over a round circle other than it looked a little different. A circular hole will still be drilled for it but the square makes it easy to differentiate from similar parts like the handle adapter.

The four smallest holes in the corner were spaced according to the mounting holes in a Pi0 or Pi0 Wireless. Down the center were two larger holes intended for mounting to the PVC. The holes that will be left by this adapter should be inconspicuous enough that the PVC pipe can be reused.

Spinning view of Pi0 adapter

Two copies were printed. The square hole is slightly hidden by the edge of the board but this should allow the wires to go right over the side when they enter the tagger. Alignment on the Pi0 mounting holes was correct so the board can be mounted soon. Standoffs will be used to keep air flow beneath the board.

Printed Pi0 adapters


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