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Components mounted through the forward array were too close and that could cause problems or it make it impossible to assemble. Expanding the front of the tagger wasn't as simple as just making it larger since it was designed to match the PVC's diameter and I wanted to keep that aesthetic for the most part. To add a custom look, instead of just holes on the end of a can, some nodes would extend from the edges of the cylinder.

Original sketch and notes of new forward array

The original intention, shown in the sketch, was to have two nodes along the sides where two of the components would get their home. These nodes would be hollow and have a passage through the PVC. After thinking about that idea, it seemed illogical to drill additional holes in the sides of the PVC to cover them with the nodes. Instead, the whole forward array was lengthened to make room for the nodes. Since this will be printed in a different color than the PVC, red and black, it should have a neat aesthetic. Since this part was taking up so much space, a riser for the accessory rail was built into it. This also ensures alignment with the top of the tagger.

Upgraded forward array

Slightly shorter pieces of PVC could be used due to the longer forward array, shown in green. The three holes in the top of the accessory rail riser should help to get the accessory rail in the right place. The iron bars, shown in gray, could mount on the forward array and hold it securely to the PVC pipe.

Whole tagger model with modified forward array


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