2017-04-16 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Python code which could talk to the serial port was started. This was supposed to be a simple task and it took very little time to get communication established. Communication wasn’t the problem, syntax and formatting were the issues. As advertised, it was simple to establish communication, so simple that rudimentary automation was possible with the first attempt. Since all the functions are controlled by a simple numeric string it was as easy to transmit bytes over IR as it was to blink some LEDs.

Getting two-way communication between Python and the Arduino firmware

Revisions were made to the firmware again since formatting had to be overhauled. In some places, it was better to use print() statements and in another place, it showed up better in Python if a write() statement was used. This type of formatting will take at least another day to correct. Once all the functions have been tested, it should be possible to rev the firmware from 0.0.X to 0.1.0. When a game of laser tag is successfully played it will be rev’d to 1.0.0.

Transmitting a signal by pressing the trigger button

Ideally, it would be possible to use the program on any machine running Python 3. The program is currently being written on a Raspberry Pi 0. If that program can be run on an Android device or a Windows device, with small modifications, future programmers may have a simple task when creating new games. Multiple device compatibilities has been on the scope of this project for awhile but the idea of using the exact same program hadn’t seemed possible.

Flashing lights by pressing the reload button


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