2017-04-30 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Schematics were sketched and colored for the circuits to be built around the Arduino. Three of the branches will have transistors switching the loads to provide enough ampacity. 2N3904 transistors were stocked and used for this design.

Colored schematic

Sockets were assembled on a stripboard for the Arduino and accelerometer. Screw terminals, which were also inexpensive, were added to the board for all the off-board components such as the infrared emitter, infrared detectors, laser, LED strips, and flashlight LEDs.

Stripboard with sockets and screw terminals

The screw terminals were a logical choice and in some of the cases, the strip of copper coming off the Arduino was all that was necessary for a connection. After assembling half of the board it became apparent that a stripboard was not the best choice for this project. There were too many connections and the transistor circuits hadn't been tested. This should have been done on a breadboard first, then translated to a PCB.

Incomplete prototype circuit board


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