2017-05-10 (W) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

There is only one receiver on this system, by design. The intention was to run all the signals to a single pin on the Arduino and simply register a hit, no matter which sensor(s) were hit. The luxury of knowing which sensor was hit didn't seem vital.

Designing sensors became pretty simple. It was a matter of running power and ground to a module and getting a signal back. That only takes three wires. This doesn't include a light which would likely be located near the sensors. Adding an individually addressable LED would not be difficult and may warrant a second design. The first iteration of the design was made in EasyEDA.

Schematic view of sensor board

The board was made large enough for four mounting holes, one at each corner. These holes will likely be used to hold it inside a case and hold the case to a vest. Four holes may be overkill.

Board layout

Sixteen boards were printed in a corner of one transfer sheet. More could have been printed easily but no measurements were taken prior to printing which was a mistake on my part.

Sixteen sensor boards


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