2017-05-13 (Sa) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Imperfections in the print were corrected by two methods. Lines which were touching but shouldn't. were cut with a knife. Lines which should connect but didn't. were filled in with a fine Sharpie. Many prototype circuits have been sketched using only a Sharpie marker as the etch-resist.

Cutting joined traces

Joining broken traces

The new recipe for etchant solution was tried. This is where I figured out it was not effective. There are a few likely problems. The first issue is that the solution was not mixed correctly because I got the proportions backward. Another possibility is the ingredients were expired and had decomposed into solutions which could not effectively etch a board. Litmus strips have been ordered to test the acid. Another issue could be that this solution was never a viable recipe for etching boards and the chemicals simply won't dissolve copper.

Waiting for a board that will never etch


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