2017-06-11 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

There was an overhaul to the parts. A long list of part changes had been building and it was time to accomplish the revisions which were overdue.

After printing the first handle, it was clear that it was too thin. It felt insubstantial and weak. It was thickened by 80%, nearly double, and the internal receiving adapter was automatically adjusted accordingly.

Handle before and after expansion

The butt plate was designed early on and it hadn't been changed in any way. Before, it was just a PVC cap with a hole in the center for an LED and it had a hole at the bottom where a cord could run out. It was revised to have a lip where an LED ring could fit snugly and a cavity for the soldered wires.

Butt plate before (1) after (6) modifications

The PCB holder was a new addition to the series of printed parts so the model was fresh in my mind when it was edited. The round hole was changed to a square one to fit the USB cable more accurately and look better. Small holes were added around the board mouting fingers so zip ties could be used to hold the internal PCB in place. Holes were added to the sides so addressable LED strips could be screwed in place to give the tagger its team color.

PCB holder before (1) and after (5) modifications


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