2017-06-27 (Tu) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Changes outlined yesterday were made to the models. The butt stock was given a sphere at the end to easily guide the LED ring into place and add some decoration. The sphere should also indicate that it should not be printed with the face down.

 Spinning butt stock model

The PCB holder was revised in a few ways. It was lengthened by 20mm so when holes are cut into the pipe they should remain hidden under the PCB holder. The zip tie holes were widened so they shouldn't need to be drilled out after printing. The USB hole was made shorter and wider so it should meet the edges of a USB cord more closely.

Spinning PCB holder model

Prints were made of each model. When the PCB holder was held to the pipe it easily covered the hole and still allowed for the mounting screws to grab plastic. The hemisphere on the butt plate could have been a little larger but the shape made it simple to place the light ring.

Model prints

The butt plate was printed without supports. At first this seemed like an oversight and the print was nearly stopped but on a whim it was allowed to run and the result was acceptable. The advantage to printing without supports was the clean edges which don't have any rememnants of supports. The disadvantage was the drooping strings but these were primarily containted to the interior of the model which won't be visible anyway.

Underside of printed butt plate


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2017-06-27 (Tu)